Welcome to Jarsh Aljazeera

We are Jarsh Aljazeera, a Saudi Arabia company that  works and presents services in maintenance,

installations operating as well as operating public and private structures

besides  services in commercial and residential buildings.

And our company is aiming at providing a different concept of operational services adhering

 to all standards of quality, efficiency and competence


Jarsh Aljazeera aspires to be the most distinguished company in the kingdom of

Saudi Arabia in the area of maintenance and operating through presenting different

 and new ideals in the mentioned fields. And to achieve that, we provide a set of

varied services in a well planned manner. In that we seek to develop the provided

 services through utilizing modern techniques and devices for the purpose of

affording the best service. Besides, Jarsh Aljazeera aims at implementing plans

of expansion to cover all the areas in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our vision

We basically seek to make Jarsh Aljazeera

the most distinguishable option in the

fields of maintenance and operating

in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our mission

Great services

permanent relationships

Our Objectives

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    Providing solutions and services which responds to and fulfills our customers hopes and expectations

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    Applying quality requirements in consistency with the specifications of safety

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    Providing professional services with speed in completion and high level of accuracy

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    persistent,continual and continuous demarche to improve performance and develop the quality of work

Why choosing us

Very specialized skilled and trained manpower

The finest and superior services with competitive prices

Guarantee for all the provided services

The latest methods and techniques with the best tools and equipments

High quality services in consistency with the standards and specifications of the Saudi market

Our services

Jarsh Aljazeera provides a set of varied services and operating works in the following sections:


Management of public and private facilities

Our staff is totally and fully prepared to manage and operate the vital facilities with high level of efficiency; Educational facilities and structures, military facilities and structures, ports and airports and public establishments and buildings


Maintenance and restoration of buildings

We are totally ready to restore and recondition old and new buildings internally and externally in addition to providing the necessary maintenance works for buildings


Gardens and landscaping services

We offer special services in equipping, arranging and landscaping the internal and the external gardens. We also supervise and follow up on them and we undertake the necessary work to preserve them



We carry out all maintenance works for buildings both internally and externally and for electrical, mechanical, electronic and other types of equipment and appliances


Sanitary drainage and plumbing services

Our Company provides plumbing and sanitary drainage services both before and after the construction. The services cover the extension and installation of pipes, as well as the sanitary wares , the construction and maintenance of sewers and drains


Pest Control

For this mission, we rely on a specialized team equipped with the necessary materials and equipments to terminate different types of insects in residential and commercial establishments and buildings, with due and full care to avoid the use of substances that may be harmful to human health


Maintenance of sanitary facilities

In Jarsh Aljazera we have all the capabilities and qualified experts to operate hospitals , dispensaries, public and specialized clinics as well as providing services of cleaning works


Cleaning works

We offer comprehensive services and works in internal and external cleaning for different facilities and buildings through providing specified manpower with necessary tools and equipments to accomplish these missions


General Contracting

We have all the capabilities and we are fully ready and prepared to carry out all types of contracting, either by supplying or by executing

Our Home programs

In the pursuit of uniqueness and excellence in providing services, Jarsh Aljazeera offers this program, which provides internal and external household maintenance

services regardless of the variety of residential units (palaces, villas, apartments) including electricity, plumbing, paints, tiles and ceramics, with consideration of

providing materials according to the customer’s wish, in addition to garden works, according to the following packages :

Silver Package

 This service is provided in accordance with

monthly fees paid in advance at the contract

And Jarsh Aljazeera when contacted carries

out the necessary maintenance work .

And in this package the customer will need to

fully pay 100% of the costs

of tools and maintenance





Platinum Package

This service is provided in accordance with

monthly fees paid in advance at the contract

and Jarsh Aljazeera conducts a periodic visit

every month to survey and examine the entire

house and inspect all services to ensure that

they are implemented properly and carry out

maintenance work when needed, either in terms

of repair or replacement without any other

costs or fees to the customer


Golden Package

This service is also provided in accordance with

monthly fees paid in advance at the contract

and Jarsh Aljazeera conducts a periodic visit

every month to survey and examine the entire

house and inspect all services to ensure that

they are implemented properly and carry out

maintenance when needed either in terms

of repair or replacement.

And in this package the customer will need to

pay 50% of the cost of

equipments and maintenance


With Jarsh Aljazeera,  our mission, objectives and ambition are not limited only to the provision of

contractual services, but  they are extended to more important levels as well;  in Jarsh Aljazeera.

We are keen to be true partners for our clients; alongside with them, we contribute to developing and

improving the work environment through evaluating the level of services to develop them by means

of advice, formulation of proposals and providing solutions and alternatives which keep pace

with developments and correspond to the process of work.

Therefore, the contract with Jarsh Aljazeera is a real partnership that exceeds expectations.

Success partners

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Contact with us :


Jeddah - Al Nahdha District - Hera'a Street

Gill Plaza Medical Building

P.O : 13134 Jeddah : 21493

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